As we create new puzzles, we generate critical commentary, archiving it here. These writings highlight aspects of the design process, emphasizing the interplay between a poem and its physical manifestation.

For a quick overview of Puzzle Poesis aims and methods, we recommend starting (as we did) with learning How to Make a Poem into a Puzzle.

Currently we are writing under four headings: Events, Computation, Fabrication, and Solving.


  • Allison Parrish Workshop | Brad Pasanek
  • Humanities Week (2020): Remix | Brad Pasanek
  • Humanities Week (2019): Instagram Puzzle | Jason Bennett, Neal Curtis, and Brad Pasanek,
  • Puzzles, Bots, and Poetics: A Symposium | Brad Pasanek
  • Humanities Week (2018): Civil Resistance | Brad Pasanek
  • The Sonnet Games | Neal Curtis and Brad Pasanek

  • Computation

  • Let Me Count the Ways | Brad Pasanek

  • Fabrication

  • Recipe: How to Make a Poem into a Puzzle | Brad Pasanek
  • Old English Riddle | Lauren Johnson
  • Sestets | Brad Pasanek
  • Two Rules | Brad Pasanek

  • Solving

  • False Solutions | Neal Curtis and Brad Pasanek