The Sonnet Games

This tournament brings together undergraduates in the UVa English department’s survey courses (ENGL 3810 and 3820) to compete in time trials, racing to reconstruct poems from the syllabus that our group has piecified.

To date, we have staged three tournaments. We’ve held these events in Bryan Hall, in Mem Gym, and in Brooks Hall Commons. Just below are images from the first two Games.

SonnetGamesI SonnetGamesI

Students participate in teams of four — which must be cleverly named. (Our favorite team names include Go Big or Go Homer, Merchants of Menace, The Peerless Ploughmen, and It’s Getting Hwaet in Here.)

The tournament is structured by three rounds of elimination. The winning team achieves immortal glory but is also gifted books and coffee cards.

Sonnet Games I

Winners: Go Big of Go Homer (Sibet Partee, Julian Sanchez, Mary Long, and Claudia Muratore)

Sonnet Games II

Winners: Iambmagicians (Katherine Viti, Jessica Sommerville, Lucy Hoak, Ebenezer Sampong)


Sonnet Games III

Winners: The Peerless Ploughmen (Maille-Rose Smith, Bob Lynch, Jess Miller, Lucy Hoak)

Sonnet Games IV

Coming this Spring!!!